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Really Restitching The City

In the City of Johannesburg's document outlining their plans for the current Corridors of Freedom project, there is a lot of speak about "restitching the city" and the tag-line for the whole project is "Restitching our city to create a new future." This speaks of a city that is wounded and needs to be restitched back together to function properly. It speaks of considered focus on areas that need intervention, which I 100% agree with.

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Universities | Should they even exist?

I have spent the last 6 and a half years in university, and have 6 more months until I am finally finished. I think that somewhat qualifies me to talk on this subject.

I have come to the conclusion that in 2016, universities are no longer relevant, and that the method of learning that university provides is no longer effective (if it ever was).

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Spacial Disadvantage and What That Means For Johannesburg

There are a lot of people in South Africa upset about various topics. Language, fees, the president, you name it. But there are more important, underlying issues that need attention. This isn't a call for anything to fall. This is a call for people to see the facts and realise that if we don't get started building toward our future soon, we'll remain a nation that is "somewhere in Africa" and not a global force in the world, not a country with global appeal.

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