About "Get Work"

Get Work is a two pronged system dsigned to make waiting and transit time more productive.

If you are a commuter looking for work to do while you wait/travel, you can complete your details HERE to show that you are available (mobile friendly).

If you are someone needing a small amount of work done, click HERE to see who is available (not mobile friendly).

Tasks you can offer/ask for include:

  • Editing Text
  • Calculations
  • Production (i.e. applying labels to bags, punching holes, etc).


This is an example of how it will work if you are seeking a worker to do a small task for you.

  1. Go to the Seeking A Worker page and filter the results by area.
  2. Find someone who is on their way to your area that has the skills you need. i.e. Editing, Filing, etc.
  3. Call them and arrange to meet them somewhere close to their destination.
  4. Meet them and explain the work to them (make sure this can be done while waiting or in transit).
  5. Negotiate a price.
  6. Negotiate a completion date.
  7. Meet at the same spot at the completion date and exchange the work for money.